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AmpLynx - Empowering artists. Rewarding fans.

Amplynx is a new type of web company. We are the whole of our users - the users who provide the storage and networking power to sell and distribute your digital content. Because we are a true cloud service, (we don’t just use “cloud” because we think it’s a cool-sounding buzzword) our commercial account holders gain access to a distribution network offering an unrivaled connection with your fans - AmpLynx enables fans to share in your commercial success.

Fantastic Tech - done the ©right way

AmpLynx was founded because we think there’s a better way of helping people get the content they want while ensuring that content owners get paid. We hold paramount the notion that intellectual property should be respected, and that copyright holders should be compensated fairly for their contributions to society. We demonstrate our commitment to that ideal by ensuring that all content sold and distributed on AmpLynx is done so with the knowledge and approval of the licensor. Yes, AmpLynx users are encouraged to distrubute the content they download - that’s what makes us special - and when they do, the content owner gets paid what they should. That’s great technology done the right way.

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